Wednesday, August 1, 2012


I had another busy week with lots of overtime, but still managed to grill two days. Saturday after we ran some errands, I washed both our cars in the driveway. Isabella was scared of the pressure washer. I also mowed the lawn for the first time in three weeks. I got a call from one of the companies that I work for asking me to come to work that night. I took a nap while Isabella took her nap that afternoon.
      Soon after my nap, I started dinner. I took some pork sirloin out of the freezer and defrosted it a little. Next, I pounded it flatter. After that, I salted, peppered, and put some Pampered Chef Smoky Applewood rub on it. I whisked an egg with a fork and poured it over both sides of the pork. Then panko bread crumbs were sprinkled and rubbed in. I set the middle burner on my grill on low and the other two on medium. I grilled the pork until it was at a proper internal temp. It had a nice crust and was a lot like a schnitzel.
     To go along with the pork, I grilled some potato halves and broccoli. The potatoes were cut in half and salted and peppered. I grilled them cut side down for a few minutes till they were golden brown. I then finished grilling them skin side down. The broccoli was sprinkled with sugar and salt and pepper. The sugar is to keep the broccoli from getting bitter when grilled. I grilled it till it had nice grill marks and the tips a light char. Isabella ate all her dinner and even got ice cream as a reward.

     I went to work Saturday night and we got the inspection done by 3AM. I slept till 5 AM, then I drove home. I slept for another hour after I got home. I then got up and we went to Stacy's parents house. We had a nice brunch to celebrate their wedding anniversary.
       For Sunday dinner, I grilled salmon on cedar planks. I cut a salmon into fillets and steaks. I put it on soaked cedar planks. Then I put salt, pepper, lemon pepper, sliced onions and sliced lemons on top. The whole thing went on the grill at medium low heat. I cooked it for about half an hour until the fish was flaky.

To go with the salmon, I grilled pasta in foil packets. To make the pasta, cook it 2 minutes less than the al dente directions on the package. Then I mixed it with garlic salt, pepper, olive oil, peppers, and the leftover sliced onions from the salmon. I made 3 foil packets out of 2 layers of foil each and loosely wrapped each one. In one I grated mozzarella cheese and the other two had parmesean grated on top. I cooked them for almost as long as the salmon, rotating and shaking every so often. It came out good, except next time I will top it with the cheese after it was cooked. The cheese burned on some noodles. 

I hope everybody has a good week. I'll catch you next time.

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