Friday, July 27, 2012


I had a very busy week at work with lots of overtime. That is why I am writing this blog on Friday and not Wednesday. I even had to go to work on Sunday, which I'll tell you about in a minute. Saturday was a pretty good day. Even though it was raining off and on all day I grilled twice. After Isabella got up from nap, I made smores on the grill!
     We put the chocolate between the graham crackers with a marshmallow on all but one. The last one we used marshmallow cream because it doesn't have gelatin in it. Isabella is a allergic to beef and most gelatin is made from cow. The completed smores were put in the Pampered Chef flexible grilling basket.  
Next they got grilled for a few minutes on medium heat. I kept rotating them to heat evenly. I grilled them till the marshmallow and cracker started to get toastly. 

Isabella likes to eat her's deconstructed
MMM! Yummy!

 We definitely will be making smores that way more often. For dinner, I grilled various vegetables. I skewered some onion slices and grilled them with salt and pepper. A sweet potato and a couple russet potatoes got cut into slices. The slices were tossed with olive oil, salt, and pepper. I grilled them on the grill till they were a nice golden color.

 I also cut a zucchini lengthwise and grilled it with salt and pepper. We enjoy grilled mini sweet peppers and so I skewered and grilled them.

The veggies got mixed together in a bowl when they were done.
To go along with the veggies, I made bruschetta. I took some bread out of the freezer and sliced it. I buttered both sides of bread. On each slice, I put a piece of turkey lunchmeat and cheese. It then got grilled until the bread was toasted and the cheese melty. 

Lastly, I cut up some plums and tossed with sugar and cinnamon. The plums were grilled on each side for a few minutes. 

 Sunday, we got the bathtub ready for Isabella to take her first bath in just the tub. Up to this point she has just taken baths in little kid tubs. As we were finishing that up, I got a call from one of the companies I work for. They needed me to come fix a plane and since I am director of maintenance, I had to go. Stacy and I decided to make it a family trip. So we loaded Isabella up and drove the almost 90 miles to Talkeetna. I was able to fix the plane. Isabella was a good helper. She had so much fun and didn't want to leave when it was time to come home.

I hope everybody was a good week! I'll catch you all next time.

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