Saturday, September 8, 2012

BBQ'D Pork Chops!

I had another busy week this week and wasn't able to blog till tonight. Wednesday, the wind was blowing pretty good and the power kept going on an off. Thursday and Friday, I was busy with work. One of our company's airplanes got damaged in the wind and we were working hard to fix it.
     Last Friday, the 31st, I had the day off from work and we went to the Alaska State Fair. Isabella enjoyed seeing all the animals. They had an exhibit that had a baby bear, monkeys, lion cubs and other animals. We got to sit and watch as a guy showed the animals to us and told us about them. Isabella kept saying "bear, grrr." It was cute. We bought a couple bottles of locally made bbq sauce that were spicy, but not in a hot sauce type way. I look forward to grilling with them. I'll tell you more about them after we use them.

Here is the bear!
   Saturday, we went to a local farm and picked veggies. We got Yukon gold potatoes, carrots, cabbage, broccoli, snow peas, and rhubarb. When we went home and Isabella was napping we preserved the veggies. We blanched the broccoli and froze it on cookie sheets for a few hours before dividing it up into freezer bags. The rhubarb was cut up and froze in 4 cup increments. We also froze the cabbage. We put the potatoes and carrots in a dark tote and put in a cool place. It was nice to be able to get fresh veggies to be able to have through out most of the winter. 
    For dinner Saturday, I made barbecued pork chops. I salt and peppered the pork, then grilled it with applewood chips in my smoker box. When the pork was cooked on one side, I glazed them with bbq sauce. We had 3 open jars of sauce in the fridge that only had a little left in them. I added a little water to each jar, shook them with the lids on and poured them into a bowl. I then mixed the sauces together and that's what I used to brush on the pork. I brushed both sides with sauce and grilled for a few minutes longer. We all liked the pork, even Isabella who doesn't eat her meat very well. 

MMM, pork chops!
Old cover.
I bought myself a new grill cover a few weeks ago. My old one was starting to rip and was faded after 2 years of use. I finally put it on the grill last weekend.
New cover
I hope everybody has a good week. Happy grilling!

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