Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Dada Day!

I hope everybody had a good week! I had a good weekend. Saturday, we ran an errand then went to the post office to check the mail. I had a package! I got my prize that I won on Aviation Maintenance Technician day for answering a question on Facebook. My prize was a heavy duty step stool called the "Shure Step."  We are going to use it for now as a step for Isabella to use when she washes her hands at the sink.

       I mowed the lawn for the second time this year and weed whacked around the yard a little. During Isabella's nap time I prepped dinner. I salted, peppered and rubbed some Pampered Chef Smoky Barbecue Rub on lamb leg steaks. I also stuffed some peppers. I then got to watch some of my BBQ U and Primal Grill shows that I had DvR'd until Isabella woke up from her nap. 
     For dinner, I grilled the lamb, peppers and whole potatoes. The potatoes were rubbed with oil, then salt and peppered. Isabella and I really liked the lamb. Stacy found out she still doesn't like lamb no matter how it cooked. 
    Sunday was Father's day. While Isabella was eating her breakfast, I prepped dinner. Even though it was Father's day I wanted to grill dinner again. I cut onions, peppers and pork loin chops into strips. Next I salted and peppered everything. After that, I added Worcestershire sauce, honey mustard  salad dressing, minced garlic and a dash of Pampered Chef Smoky Applewood rub to the bowl and mixed it up. It all went into the fridge to marinate all day.  Here are some pictures of what Isabella wore on Father's day:

   We all went to Stacy's parents house and had a nice lunch. We had bbq chicken, ribs, salad, macaroni salad, corn bread, and cake. It was all very good. When we got home we Skyped with my Mother, sister Joy and my Dad. After that, I grilled the pork stuff that was marinating. I cooked it on the Pampered Chef Roasting pan and can holder. I also toasted some hot dog buns. One got a little too done and had to be thrown away. It only takes a minute or two to toast the buns. We put the pork, onion, pepper mixture on our hot dog buns and sprinkled a little cheese on top. We ate them with some chips. It was a nice easy grilled meal. Tasted good too.
         My Pampered Chef show is still going on till this Friday, the 22nd of June. I so far have no orders. It is super easy to order online and anybody can do it.  To order go to the website: and click "shop online", enter in Matthew Schneider as host and you're all set.  

I leave you with a few pics of Talkeetna at 11:30 at night. Have a great week!


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