Wednesday, June 13, 2012


I hope everybody had a good week. I had a nice 3 day weekend. I worked Sunday last week so I could have Friday off. Friday was a busy day for us. We went grocery shopping and then went to the city of Palmer's Colony days. Isabella got to go in the petting zoo and pet goats, a pig and a sheep. The sheep tried to escape while we were in there. We walked around and looked and tasted what people had for sale. We also had lunch there. After that we did more grocery shopping and went home. Stacy and I continued to clean the house for the party on Saturday. Isabella took a nap. After her nap, I started my grill cleaning project. If you read my last blog post, you will remember that I had a fire in my grill. 
       I started out by stripping it down to the burners and hosing it all off with water. I scrubbed out the grease from the bottom of the grill. I had over an inch of greasy crud on the bottom. I had not done a full deep clean of the grill in the 2 years that I have owned it. I washed and soaped it down some more and let it drip dry for a bit. 

I then blew the burners out with compressed air. After that I reassembled the burners and hooked up the propane. I turn on the propane and soaped all the connections looking for leaks. Once I was satisfied that there were no leaks, I lit the burners. The middle one was the only one that wouldn't light with the ignitor. I did get it lit with a grill lighter and when I used it again Saturday, it lit with the ignitor. So I put it all back together and let it burn for about 10 minutes to dry everything out. My best guess on the cause of the fire is that I had too much greasy build up because I didn't find any evidence of a gas leak.

Saturday we ran some more errands and prepped for the party. The start time was 3 and Stacy and I had decided that we were going to start even if nobody was there yet. At 3:15, I went out and lit the charcoal. At 3:30 we started making the pizza. We made the beer bbq Hawaiian pizza that we have made a few times before. This time, I cooked it on the charcoal grill. While the pizza was cooking, I made brats and corn on the propane side. We think that this is the first time I've cooked on both sides at once.
 I basted the brats with bbq sauce when they were almost cooked. I rotated the pizza a few times until it was done. It cooked for about 20 minutes.

 Once the corn was done, we rubbed it with a compound butter that we made. We took softened and mixed in Pampered Chef Chili lime rub.
We also had Bush's Sweet Mesquite Grillin' beans, fresh veggies and dill dip to eat. Everybody missed out because nobody showed. Stacy, Isabella and I had a nice feast. The pizza tasted really good. You could really taste the hickory from the charcoal. I used Kingsford Hickory charcoal.  The corn was really good too. Isabella really likes corn on the cob. We love grilled corn and don't plan on boiling corn on the cob again.

         On Sunday, we drove into Anchorage and celebrated Stacy's grandma's 80th birthday. We also celebrated a couple of her aunts birthdays. After that we went back to Wasilla and went to a bbq at an airplane part store. We had a fun time and entered a door prize drawing. Monday, I got a call that both Stacy and I had won door prizes. We won parts for planes that we don't own. So if you own a Super Cub and need a battery box or a long step let me know and I'll make you a good deal. 
         My Pampered Chef show has been extended to the 22nd of June. I so far have no orders. It is super easy to order online and anybody can do it.  To order go to the website: and click "shop online", enter in Matthew Schneider as host and you're all set.  

Anything you order will count toward my show. Have a great week and Happy Father's day to all the Father's out there!

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