Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I'm back!

I am sorry I was gone for so long. I had almost the whole month of October off from work. I spent it with my family and took my 21 month old daughter to Oregon for 12 days. I am back to work now. I am going to try to get you all caught up with my grilling adventures over at least a couple posts. This post will be what happened before and during Oregon.
 I wanted pineapple upside down cake one day and we had most of the ingredients. My wife Stacy and I made the cake. I cut a whole pineapple into rings and rolled the rings in sugar. I then caramelized the pineapple in my cast iron skillet. I arranged the caramelized pineapple on the butter and brown sugar mixture like the directions on the cake mix said. Stacy mixed up a pineapple cake according to the box and poured it on the pineapple. We baked it then inverted it. I usually put cherries on top with the pineapple, but we didn't have any.
mmmm cake!

The cake came out super good. The pineapple was like candied pineapple. 
    For dinner one night, I made cod pieces in the Char broil grill top infuser. I put orange juice in the bottom of the infuser. Then I seasoned the fish with salt, lemon pepper and a little old bay. I grilled it in the infuser till the fish was nice and flaky. The fish had a good flavor to it. We all enjoyed it. 

Here fishy fishy!

Isabella and I had a great time visiting people in Oregon. She went to a pumpkin patch, rode a carousel, went to the zoo, and went swimming for the first time just to name some of what we did. We even went over to my brother's place and I grilled dinner one night. I didn't get any pictures of grilling there. Isabella was freaking out for various reasons. Also my Dad fell while we were there at my brother's and broke 2 bones in his ankle and one in his foot. I grilled thin pork sirloin and heated up frozen veggies and sweet potato fries. I screwed up and way over peppered the meat. I had my sister pour bbq sauce on the meat when it was done and I quickly caramelized it on the meat. The fries were a little mushy because I had them wrapped in foil. Even with all the drama and my screw ups it was a good meal.
It is good to be blogging again. I have one more installment to go to get you all caught up to now. I hope to have that one posted in a few days. Happy grilling.

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