Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Shrimp and Chops!

This is my second installment of what happened while I was on vacation. Last time I shared what I did before and during my trip to Oregon. This one is about what happened after. I grilled twice in a few days. The first time was shrimp and the second time was pork chops.
      While shopping I found a good deal on shrimp. It was in the shells but had been devaned already and was 30 percent off. I threw the package in a freezer when we go home to make sure it didn't go bad before we used it. The next afternoon I took it out and thawed them in the fridge for a couple hours. Then I put them in a bowl and seasoned them with Old Bay, salt, pepper, lemon zest, and lemon juice. I let them marinate for about 15 minutes while the grill was heating up. I heated the grill screaming hot, then turned it down to medium as I added the shrimp. I let the shrimp grill a few minutes per side till they were pink and tender to the touch. I had about three casualties fall between the grates. Next time I will use a grill basket to keep them contained. This was my first time grilling shrimp and I wanted the satisfaction of turning each one. They came out really good. We all really liked them. They were super flavorful. I forgot to get pictures.
       About 2 days later I grilled pork chops. I seasoned them with salt, pepper, and Pampered Chef Smokey Applewood Rub. Next I sprinkled some apple wood chips in the bottom of my Char Broil Grill Top Infuser. Then I put the grate in the bottom and the pork chops on the grate. The lid went on and the whole thing went on a hot grill. I turned the heat down to medium hot. They grilled for about 30 minutes. I threw them on the grill for a couple more minutes. We enjoyed the chops with some mashed potatoes. Stacy was amazed that she could actually taste the rub and smoke. Usually she isn't able to taste that as well. Stacy made a really good cheesy bruschetta dip.

Chops in the infuser ready to go on the grill.

Finished chops and mashed potatoes.

Cheesy bruschetta dips (yes those are pumpkins on top).
Well, that about catches you all up till now. I am not sure what this weekend will bring. The weather is getting colder here in Alaska. I tend to do more low and slow grilling and smoking when it is colder. I found I can keep my temps lower. I am waiting on some good deals on pork roasts to make pulled pork. Hopefully soon. Have a great week and happy grillin!

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