Friday, February 8, 2013

Aloha Turkey Burgers and Potato Skins!

This is part two of last weekend's grilling adventures. Since it was Super Bowl day, I made a game type menu. I made Aloha turkey burgers with homemade buns and grilled potato skins. The meal took a lot of prep but in the end it was totally worth it. First off we have the buns.
  Stacy found the bun recipe on Pinterest. It turned out to be a super easy recipe. We ended up with 11 buns instead of the 12 it was supposed to make. I could have made a couple smaller and got 12, but it was ok. Before baking, they have you brush the buns with an egg wash. After the egg wash, we sprinkled the buns with chopped dried onions. This made them taste like an onion bun.

Hamburger buns!

    When Isabella took her nap, I did a lot of prep. I lit the grill and added my cast iron griddle to it grill pan side up as the grill was heating up. When the pan was hot, I cooked bacon over medium heat on the griddle. The pan caught the bacon grease and I didn't have any flare ups . After the bacon was done, I took drained canned pineapple rings and put them on the griddle. I grilled them in the bacon grease a few minutes per side. I then put them in the fridge for later. I also put potatoes on the grill, but the skins were browning too fast.I didn't want to wrap them in foil, so I put them in the oven while we baked the buns and some bread. I cooked the potatoes till they were fork tender.

Pineapple on the griddle!

Another shot of the pineapple!

  For the burgers, I mixed ground turkey, grated mozzarella, BBQ sauce, olive oil, smokey apple wood rub, salt, and pepper. I formed it into patties and froze till it was time to grill them. When it was time, I grilled them over medium heat. When they were almost done, I topped them each with a slice of white cheddar cheese and a slice of the pineapple.

Burgers about to come off grill!

     When the time came, I cut the potatoes in half and scooped out most of the insides. I saved the insides for Stacy to eat later in the week. I then put chopped sweet onion in each skin. Next, I took some of the bacon from earlier that I had crumbled up and put some in each skin. Each one was then sprinkled with a mixture of shredded cheddar, mozzarella, and Parmesan. Finally, I sprinkled some smokey  red pepper rub, pepper, and a little green onion for color. I grilled the skins till the cheese was melted and the skin was crisp.

Potato Skins!

   To assemble the burgers we cut the buns in half and put mayo on them. Along with the meat, I put lettuce on my burger and Stacy put ketchup on hers. To go with the burgers and potato skins, Stacy made deviled eggs and we heated up some baked beans. The burgers came out awesome. The bbq sauce and rub flavors came though really good. The buns were super good. I noticed when I ate a bun a day later that the onion flavor came though even with just a few onions on top. They would also make good rolls. The potato skins have a good bacon flavor. Overall it was a good meal.

Burgers fully assembled!

More burger goodness!

  Our DVR screwed up and didn't record the game which was fine since we only wanted the commercials. I found a website that had all the commercials and we watched them there later. Somebody posted this funny video on Facebook the other day. Check out BBQ song on You Tube. I enjoyed it. I hope everybody has a good week. Happy grillin'!

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