Thursday, February 21, 2013

Steak, Chops, and Fillets!

I hope everybody had a good week. I ended up having an extra day off and grilled 3 times in 4 days, so I had a good weekend. I came home from work on Thursday to celebrate Valentine's day. I picked up a couple thin New York steaks and a frozen veggie mix on my way home from work. When I got home, we exchanged cards and I gave Stacy some roses I had picked up. I got a homemade card that Stacy had helped Isabella make. After Isabella went to bed, I grilled the steaks.
     To prepare the steaks, I gave each one a light coating of olive oil and sprinkled with salt and pepper. I wanted to keep it simple because we wanted to enjoy the beef. Isabella is allergic to beef so we don't get to eat it very often. I put the steaks on a clean medium hot grill. Stacy's steak went over the hottest part since she likes hers well done. My steak went on a little cooler part. I grilled my steak for about 6 minutes flipping halfway through. I was aiming for about medium with mine. Stacy's grilled for about 15 minutes. Stacy made roasted heart shaped potatoes, and we heated up the veggies. I also grilled myself a piece of bread. We had a nice quiet dinner with sparkling apple cider. The steak was great by itself and with a little steak sauce. It had a nice beefy flavor. The potatoes were great too. For dessert we had a heart shaped strawberry cake that Stacy had made.
Grilled New York steak with roasted heart potatoes!

   Friday, I was supposed to go to a conference on aircraft maintenance issues, but got stuck in the driveway. I had to go out a few hours later and finish digging myself out. I ended up having a nice day at home with the family.
   Saturday, I grilled some boneless pork chops.  I rubbed the chops with some of the "Pig Pollen" rub that I got from Big Butz BBQ and let them sit in the fridge for about 3 hours. I then grilled them over a medium heat until they reached an internal temp of 155. We let them rest before eating them with noodles mixed with butter and Parmesan cheese. The rub was good. We ate the pork by itself and with a little BBQ sauce. It was tasty both ways. We liked that the flavors weren't super spicy and they didn't overpower the meat.

Grilled pork chops.

Up close with yummy goodness.
      Sunday, I grilled frozen breaded fish fillets and grilled fries. The fish went on the grill straight out of the box and I grilled it on each side till it was browned and crisp. This took about 15 minutes at a medium heat.  The fish was previously fried so be careful no to burn them as a little oil will cook out of them and drip on the burners. For the fries, I took the cuttings from the heart potatoes and added 3 more small potatoes cut into fries. I tossed the potatoes with  olive oil, smoky red pepper rub, salt, and pepper. Then they went on the bbq roasting pan on the grill. I grilled them for about 25 minutes mixing frequently to prevent them from burning. Stacy made a simple tarter sauce with mayo and dill relish mixed together. We don't buy tarter sauce anymore and always make our own. I add lemon pepper and or Old Bay when I make it, but you can vary it however you want. The fish was good grilled. I think it was crispier than cooking it in the oven and more of the oil cooked out. The fries were tasty and had a slight spiciness that went well with the tarter sauce.
Grilled fish tenders and fries.


        I added a Pinterest button to the bottom of each post. It is now easier to share my blog on Pinterest. Feel free to post it there or on Facebook to help me expand my readership. Also just as an FYI, the bacon cheddar apple waffles froze well and I enjoyed the leftovers this week heated up in the toaster. We freeze a lot of waffles at out house and reheat them in the toaster. I hope everybody has a good week an happy grillin'.

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