Thursday, May 24, 2012

Bacon Wrapped Pork!

Mmm, bacon!  What is turning into a normal Wednesday blog is a Thursday blog this week. I was working on a plane till almost 11:30 last night, trying to get an inspection done. I got it to the point that all we had to do was run the engine and check for leaks and put the cowling on. (Cowlings are the parts that cover up the engines). Then this morning when I was fresh, I gave the plane a quick look and ran it up. It is back flying again and making money!
       So last weekend, we went to one of Stacy's friend's house for a BBQ Saturday night and had a fun time. Isabella got to see chickens up close for the first time. Sunday, I put some child proof locks on the kitchen and bathroom cabinets. Isabella is getting more adventurous.
For dinner, I decided to try out something. I took pork sirloin and seasoned it and wrapped it in bacon.   I started out by salt and peppering the pork, then I rubbed it with Pampered Chef Smoky Applewood Rub. Next, I wrapped 2 strips of bacon around each piece and salt and peppered again. I then grilled them for about 15 to 20 minutes until the pork was at 160 degrees internal temp. Also, I cut some potatoes up in 4 wedges each. I tossed the potatoes in vegetable oil, salt and pepper. Then, I grilled them on the Pampered Chef BBQ Roasting Pan and Can Holder. Be careful when pouring the potatoes on. I had a huge flare up with a big fire ball. Luckily, I was fast enough not to burn myself. I flipped to potatoes till they were browned on the outside. I also grilled some bread and Stacy made some salad.

 The outside edge looks a little pink because of the rub and the bacon created a nice crust. It was really good. Stacy liked it and she is not big on eating pork. The potatoes were crisp on the outside and tender on the inside. Yummy all around!

After dinner, Isabella and I played outside while Stacy transplanted her herbs. We checked the garden and our carrots, onions and zucchini had all sprouted!

Tuesday turned into a lit bit of a hectic day at work. One of our aircraft was stuck on the glacier for about 8 hours. I almost had to fly up and help fix it, but the pilot got it going again. Just as he was landing a rainbow came out and the sun started shining.
I hope everybody has a great Memorial day weekend! Get out there and grill something this weekend! Have fun and I'll talk to you all next week.

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