Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Teriyaki Pork Chops!

I almost didn't have a grilling post this week. Saturday and Sunday were spent watching Isabella while Stacy had Pampered Chef events. Sunday night though, Stacy started not feeling well and still didn't feel the best Monday morning. I ended up staying home from work Monday and took care of them. Stacy was feeling better by Monday afternoon, so I decided to grill for dinner. I made teriyaki pork chops.
       While the grill was preheating, I salt and peppered the pork chops. Also I cut a couple of onion slices, skewered them, peppered them, and brushed on KC Masterpiece Honey Teriyaki marinade. When the grill was hot, I put the pork and onions on  and turned the heat to medium high. After a little bit, I gave each chop a quarter turn and turned the onion over. A few minutes later, I turned the pork chops and basted with the marinade. The onions were softened and showed grill marks by this time, so I took them off. The pork got turned a quarter turn again after a few more minutes. Next I turned them over again and basted the other side. I took them off to rest after caramelizing the marinade a little on each side. I also grilled some bread for a few minutes. To go with everything, we had noodles with butter.
Yummy dinner!

Pork up close!
As usual everything tasted great. The marinade worked as a good basting sauce. It is nice to know that is tastes good even if you don't actually marinade your meat and veggies in it beforehand. I had the leftover pork for dinner tonight. It was even good cold. I would like to use this marinade to make Asian inspired ribs. I hope everybody has a great week. Happy grillin'!

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