Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Ribs Two Ways!

I hope everybody had a safe and happy New Years. I had another 4 day weekend and we took down our Christmas decorations. Sunday afternoon, I decided to go to Home Depot and use a gift card and money from Christmas. I bought Kingsford Hickory charcoal, alder wood chips, cherry wood chunks and a silicone bbq mitt. New Years eve, Stacy and I watched the ball drop and enjoyed some sparkling pear cider.
     New Years day, I smoked some ribs. In the morning, I opened up a pack of pork baby back ribs. As I started to split up the pieces I realized they were in sections. The longest one was about 8 or so inches long.  Not that sections were a bad thing, they just weren't what I thought they were.I was expecting them to be full racks. Apparently, I need to be better at reading the package and knowing what I am really getting. I also tried without much success to take the membrane off. I tried a meat thermometer end and a paper towel to get it off, but that didn't work. I finally gave up. Next, I sorted the ribs into two piles. One pile was the shorter one and the other longer ones. The shorter ones went in a gallon ziploc bag with some honey teriyaki marinade and into the fridge. The others were rubbed on both sides with salt, pepper, and Pampered Chef Smokey Red Pepper Rub. They also went in the fridge.
    A couple hours later, I set my charcoal grill up for smoking. I put a pile of unlit coals on each side, then poured lit coals over the top. In the center went a pan of water. Next, I added a couple chunks of cherry wood to each side. Once the grill was smoking, I added the dry rubbed ribs. I had to arrange them just right in my rib rack since they were smaller, otherwise they wanted to tip over.  I used my vegetable rack to put 4 potatoes over the coals on one side. I smoked the ribs for about 2 and a half hours and the potatoes for over an hour at 250 to 300.
  When the ribs were done, I wrapped them in foil to keep them warm and added the marinaded ribs to the grill. I also smoked them for the the same amount of time as the dry ribs. Four more potatoes were also smoked for an hour. When the ribs were almost done, I glazed them with fresh marinade mixed with green onions. I also grilled some corn and bread. Stacy took the skins off the potatoes and mashed them up with butter and milk. We had a nice dinner that was all made on the grill. We all like the Asian style ribs best. The dry rubbed ones were good too. The mashed potatoes were heavenly though. They had a nice smokey flavor to them. We definitely will be making them again!
Rib rack in action!
Potatoes before mashing!
Mashed taters!

Grilled corn!

Asian style ribs!

Dry rubbed ribs!
    We froze most of the dry rubbed ribs wrapped in foil, then in a ziploc freezer bag. I plan on reheating them on the grill one day with some bbq sauce. I have done this before and they turn out really good still. I have another good post about turkey burgers that I made last weekend coming in a few days. Until then have a good week and happy grilling.

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