Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Turkey Burgers!

Last weekend was a nice quiet weekend at home. I relaxed and got a few things done around the house. I joined a forum called Winter Grillin'. They promote grilling in the winter and have a competition going to see who can grill at the lowest outside temp. I post my blog address on my profile page and the owner of the site posted a link to my blog on his Facebook page. A big thanks to the guys at the forum. Also in other blog news, the blog has broken the 500 view mark. Thanks to all of you who are my faithful readership. Make sure you subscribe to get my blog delivered to your email whenever I post a new one.
  One more thing before I get on to the recipe, I have a quick word about safety. Hanna Storm, who is a news anchor was burned recently when her grill ignited. She was grilling and one of the burners went out in the wind. She turned the gas off and when she went to reignite the burner it exploded, burning her. Apparently there was propane that had built up and then exploded in a fire ball. So if your propane burner goes out what you need to do is turn the gas off and leave the lid open for a bit before trying to relight the burner. I heard on a story about Hanna that most grill manufactures recommend waiting 15 minutes before lighting the burner again. I had no idea. I normally leave the lid open for only a minute or so. So now back to our regular scheduled programming.
   Sunday night, I grilled homemade turkey burgers. I mixed salt, pepper, Pampered Chef Smokey Red Pepper Rub, a little olive oil, and grated Parmesan cheese with a pound of ground turkey breast. I added about half a tablespoon of rub and plenty of salt and pepper because ground turkey can be a little bland some times. I formed the meat into 4 patties and covered with plastic wrap. I put the burgers in the freezer for a little over an hour. I freeze the burgers for a little bit because I have found it helps them stay together better. When it was time to grill them, I heated up the grill and grilled the burgers for about 8 minutes per side. I took them off when their internal temp was 160 degrees. I topped them with cheddar cheese. I also grilled some homemade bread, buttered and sprinkled with garlic salt. We put miracle whip on the bread and topped it with a burger, lettuce, and ketchup for a simple burger. Stacy made a pasta salad that we had with our burgers. They came out really good and had a good flavor. I was very surprised. We normally try to smother our ground turkey in stuff to make it not dry and more flavorful, but these burgers proved that with not much work ground turkey can be good too.

Turkey burgers!

   I hope everybody has a good week. This weekend is Isabella's second birthday. We are having a party on Saturday. Sunday, I will be smoking a boneless turkey breast. Until next time, happy grillin'. 

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