Friday, January 25, 2013

Twice Grilled Potatoes!

Welcome to part two of last weekends grilling adventures. Part one was salmon and this is the rest. For Sunday breakfast I made "eggs in a nest" or "birds in a hole" depending on what you call it. I took a cookie cutter and cut a hole in a slice of bread. Next, I buttered both sides of the bread and placed it on my cast iron griddle. Then, I cracked an egg into a bowl and salted and peppered it. The egg was poured into the hole and allowed to cook until it held it's shape and the bread was lightly toasted. I flipped the whole thing over and added shredded white cheddar cheese to the top. I removed it when the cheese was melted and the bottom was lightly toasted. I also toasted the bread holes. The yolk on the egg was a little soft. I usually like my yolks hard, but it was ok. If you like your yolk hard poke it with a fork before flipping. They were very good and fun to eat.
  In the early afternoon, I put some thin boneless pork chops in a ziploc bag with the last of a bottle of honey teriyaki marinade. I put some soy sauce in the bottle, shook it up and poured that into the bag too. After mixing it all up, I put it in the fridge. I also cleaned and baked some potatoes. I have been wanting twice baked potatoes for a couple weeks and decide to make them on the grill.
      A few hours later, I lit the grill. While the grill was heating up, I prepped the potatoes. I cut each potato in half leaving the halves connected and scooped out most of the insides into a bowl. To the insides, I added ricotta cheese, salt, pepper, and a smokey red pepper rub. After mixing it all together. I stuffed it back into the potato skins. Each potato was then topped with green onion, white cheddar, and cheddar cheese. The roasting pan with the potatoes then went on the grill at medium heat. The pork also went on at the same time on medium heat. After about 5 minutes, I gave each chop a quarter turn and grilled for 3 more minutes before turning them. I also grilled them for about 4 minutes before giving them another quarter turn. I took them off after about a total grilling time of 15 minutes. While I let the pork rest for 5 minutes, I took the potatoes off. The cheese was nice and melted and the insides warm.

Mmm potatoes!

Yummy pork! Look at those grill marks!
  Everything was super good. The meat was really tasty and juicy. The potatoes were awesome. We really like them. Isabella ate a whole half of potato. I enjoyed making everything. I hope everybody has a good week. Happy grillin'.

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